Safe exhibitions

Have you ever wondered how to protect exhibitions, collections and  collections in the event of an accident?

We know the importance of generating preventive conservation measures, where the safety of visitors and museum spaces is guaranteed. For this reason, Exhibition Creators offers a concept of safe exhibits, evaluating risks to reduce them at the moment of installation and the permanence of visitors during their tour.


Nowadays, thinking about security is a priority, but we do think about the prevalence of collections, which are undoubtedly made up of valuable historical and intellectual objects.



When a person is interested in visiting a collection or museum it is of enormous importance that they think of these spaces as safe places, confident that their experience will be a pleasant one.

Let's work together

At the same time, we cooperate with other companies to complement the fairs on the market and support them from the logistics of the transfer to the precise diagnosis for renovation and accident prevention.


By means of a situation analysis the fields of action to be strengthened are determined, e. g. diagnosis for the renovation and updating of museums and/or exhibitions, prevention plan and catastrophes to secure assets and real estate.



The field of activity of this company ranges from conception, image design, lighting, rooms, museography, operative training to post-processing during commissioning and linking.