#the exhibitioncreators conceptualize with Sense


Only those who think around the corner, can communicate straight forward.




New presentations should be sustainable, especially given that touring and permanent exhibitions last long before they are revised or redesigned. Precise planning ensures a sensible use of personnel, time and financial resources. This prevents unsatisfactory results and structurally inadequate content.

An exhibition concept serves as a working basis for the entire project and for structuring the individual work steps up to spatial implementation. The development of a well-founded exhibition concept initially requires a greater amount of time, but is also a help for self-help in order to become clear about the thematic canon and the objectives of the mediation. In addition to self-assurance, it serves to justify and make decisions among executives and donors. It therefore turns inwards and outwards. It forms the basis for communicating with potential funding agencies and political decision-makers. At the same time, however, an important basis has been laid for the later elaboration of the exhibition texts. It makes sense to appoint a project coordinator who brings the threads together during the planning and implementation phase and ensures that everything runs smoothly.


The exhibitioncreators are your partner / project coordinator of your presentation / exhibition. Our bag of tricks is almost inexhaustible. We have learned to think outside the box in the last 25 years like no other on the market.