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 - December 2019 - IT WAS MEGA! Germany's first slime fair in Heidelberg in hall 02 was overrun. The kids were thrilled and we at the end of our tether!



- November 2019 - IT IS SO WIDE!! And we're mega excited. The exhibition creators present the first German gruel fair. On 1. 12. 2019 in Hall 02 in Heidelberg it starts; but see for yourself



and here again the direct link to the Slime Splash



- October 2019 - MANY !!!! has happened. The exhibition organizers have meanwhile been in Abu Dhabi, Calgary, St Paul and Vienna. Please have a look at the various links!

Calgary: We received a somewhat unusual order while the animal show in Winnipeg Canada was still being dismantled. We were asked to create a first draft for an exhibition in the foyer of the rather new TELUS Spark in Calgary. Not that we didn't already know this Science Center, but to install an exhibition in the daylight-flooded 1300m² large foyer of the building with ceiling heights of more than 30m, which basically requires a closed room and 100% darkened rooms, was suspicious to us. Ultimately, it became an exhibition space that offers both open and closed areas within the curatorial space, while providing all access to the other galleries of the Science Center.

For the first time on the American market, the exhibition organizers also took on the creation of a security concept, including testing and documentation of all systems and equipment necessary for the operation of the exhibition.


Abu Dhabi: As the first exhibition of its kind, BODYWOLRDS RX opened its doors in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in early September 2019 under the eyes of the Emir BODYWOLRDS RX. Our local partner, Khalifa University, has built two brand new lecture halls especially for this purpose. It was a construction of a very special kind.



St Paul: For the third time we are at the Science Center of Minnesota with a Bodyworlds exhibition. Always nice to see old friends.


Vienna: Not that we haven't been to Vienna before, but Vienna, as is well known, is always worth a trip and exhibition. This time in the Vienna Stadthalle we present a new edition of the Body Worlds A Matter of the Heart exhibition under the motto LIFE HEAT UNDERSTANDING and the local partner COFO.



- May 2019 - The exhibition creators are back in Ulm, but also in Freiburg. After a phenomenal success of the Human Exhibition in Ulm, we have moved it to Freiburg to Hall 3 of the Neue Messe Freiburg.





- April 2019 - The exhibition creators are back in Canada. After the successful opening of the exhibition in Sudburry, this time we went to Winnipeg. Together with the Manitoba Museum we have placed Animal Inside Out in their new exhibition hall.

-April 2019 - The exhibition creators cooperate with Event Safety Consult in Heidelberg. Event Safety Consult is an independent provider of comprehensive safety consulting and support for your event. The range of services offered extends from the preparation of legally required security concepts in accordance with the German Ordinance on Places of Assembly, through the handling of your approval procedure, to the provision of the necessary specialist personnel for the safe set-up, implementation and dismantling of your event.




- March 2019 - The exhibition creators are back in London. After the successful opening of the exhibition in October 2018, we are expanding the portfolio of the exhibition with additional interactive elements. More than ever a MUST SEE when you are in London.





-March 2019 - After the phenomenal success in Warsaw, the next round is about to begin in Poland. Danzig can now also look forward to an exhibition of Body Worlds. As usual for our local partner Macroconcert, we were once again driven to a shopping mall.




- February 2019 - The exhibition creators are once again in the nickel city of Sudbury  Canada, which gives us a frosty welcome with -24°C and more than 2m of snow. Despite these adverse circumstances, a new BodyWorlds RX exhibition is being created in less than 6 days in cooperation with the Science Center North.

- January 2019 - The exhibition makers build and open another Body Worlds exhibition at the Blautalcenter in Ulm

- December 2018 - The exhibition makers build and open another ANIMAL INSIDE OUT exhibition in Lisbon. The world's only exhibition with a plastinated elephant has been on show in Lisbon since Wednesday 19. 12. 2018 in the legendary exhibition halls of the Portugal Pavilion.

- November 2018 - The exhibition creators are travelling internationally on 3 continents in parallel, covering thousands of air miles. Warsaw, Copenhagen, Edmonton and Sydney can look forward to new fascinating exhibitions.

- October 2018 - The exhibition creators will ensure through their professionalism a punctual opening of another Bodyworlds exhibition at Piccadilly Circus in London. Already now, the exhibition in the heart of London belongs to one of the 10 Must Sees.